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Digital Essentials for Missionaries

Wrangle your communications for more ministry and better support.

Raising support is hard and it’s gotten more complicated.

When the main funding source of missionaries flipped from a few churches with big budgets to a bunch of individuals with smaller ones, the number of partnerships a single missionary unit fosters exponentially increased. And with the increase in the number of partnerships comes an increase in partnership churn. And with higher turnover, ministry partnership development became a constant and ongoing responsibility in order to stay afloat in the field.

I’ve trained missionaries across dozens of mission fields to build communication strategies that keep their relationships and support up while reducing the ongoing burden of managing a hairy mess of tools and content. That means more ministry.

The best part — it’s a lot simpler than you’d expect. In fact, I can show you in just seven emails.

What’s covered?

We’ll tackle super common struggles like:

This course boils everything you could do down to just two things you should do: MailChimp + Facebook Groups.
When you complete the course, you’ll have:


The Digital Essentials course is an email course. That means, rather than setting up another profile on a website with login credentials you need to remember, the course comes to your inbox.

Delivered through seven emails along with video tutorials or worksheets in spots where things could get tricky. The pace is a hybrid between fully automated and self-paced. Each lesson is sent one day after you open the previous lesson.

If you can’t get to a lesson, leave it unopened in your email client and the course will pause with you. But if you’d like to get your communication strategy up-and-running quickly, you could finish in a week.

Here’s a breakdown of the lessons:

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Content for everyone
  3. The powerful simplicity of Facebook + MailChimp
  4. Setting up a MailChimp list for optimal personalization
  5. Designing each step of a subscriber’s journey
  6. Automation sequences every missionary should be using
  7. Facebook Groups for remote-but-meaningful interaction

*Bonus: FREE access to a well-designed newsletter template for missionaries!


If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase I’ll refund you 100%. Get started risk free.

Who are you?

I’m Jordan, the guy behind Digital Essentials. Striking a balance between ministry in the field and communicating to those who support you is a tricky problem. I’ve spent the past decade trying to crack that nut. After spending nearly a decade with a denominational mission, I started my tiny business, Happy Toil, just before my fourth child was born. Every dollar spent with me goes to support an independent business focused on faithful service.